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After discovering shuffling three and a half years ago when I was neck deep in my first rave, I now get a little scared when I start to consider the number of people that discover shuffling via the internet since, to me there's nothing like a fat shuffle circle filled with positive people to conjure up a whole bunch of musicality filled level-ups over the course of a set because everyone is just having so much fun. No thinking. I've come to realize that a common misinterpretation about shuffling from those who discover us on the internet is that most of us are just throwing any trick at any time with the goal being to always perform the most trick-stacked freestyle every time. How can one be in the moment or paying attention to the music at all when trying to to perform something that complex every time? One of the many perks of traveling on a pattern like the circle or the figure-8 is that it's going to give your freestyle so much more intention, so we're not just out there flopping these tootises around in any crazy path. We're maybe, running man and t-stepping on a travel pattern and waiting for those unique sound effects to come in, to aim for a moment of musicality, after which you could fall back on your travel pattern. Anyways, just a little something to think about and try maybe if you need a change up or more flow. As always, if you end up utilizing and appreciating this concept: @theshufflecircle #theshufflecircle Sending love! - Ty (@bgirldern)

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