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Hear our story and meet the instructors.
Welcome to The Shuffle Circle

Welcome to The Shuffle Circle

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Instructor, Co-Founder
Gainesville, FL

My name is Tyler, I’m 24 and I’ve been shuffling for almost 5 years now. The amount of from-the-soul moments I’ve seen people have while expressing themselves with shuffling has inspired me to dive deeper into this particular dance community. It’s become clear to me that shuffling is no more than a stomp that we’ve made a technicality out of and people have been stomping to the beat since the first beat was created. I’m eager to show that for that reason, and thanks to technology, anyone can learn to shuffle from anywhere. We’re excited to bring you so much more besides lessons and tutorials; we want to put you in the shuffle circles you missed and get you ready for the next one. We can’t wait to show you how. 

Brigitte Johannessen

Instructor, Co-Founder
Austin, TX

I started shuffling 5 years ago with the intent to learn how to dance to the music that moved me. I grew up taking a variety of dance lessons and classes, never finding one that spoke more to me than the rest, nor sticking to any long enough to master them... Until I learned about the Melbourne Shuffle; It was as if the dancers were gliding across the floor, effortlessly in sync with whatever beat and tempo that was played. Fast forward a few years of garage practice sessions, hundreds of shuffle videos, and several shuffle meetups later I finally found a space that allows me to express myself freely without judgment.


I love a powerful, full body flow that's heavily influenced by the original Melbourne shuffle.

My own flow shows elements of a variety of shuffle styles, a few shapes, and some arm work to bring in the upper body.


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