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  • Track ID?
    Chill out, enjoy the music bro.
  • Do you need lessons to Shuffle?
    No! Anyone can stomp their feet to the beat. It's just a matter of how clean you want it to be/ how much of a display of actual knowledge about shuffling you want it to be.
  • What's the difference between the 'T-step' and the 'Rock'?
    A T step becomes a rock with 2 changes: A. You must do an even amount of T steps on each side with one running man as the action to switch sides. You can T step once, twice, three times or four. However many you want as long as it’s an even amount on each side, creating that look that you’re rocking back-and-forth. B. You must keep your back to the direction you travel. Part of completing the illusion that makes shuffling so cool to watch We believe is best illustrated when thinking about the moonwalk. When someone does the moonwalk they are not facing their direction that they are traveling and that’s what makes it look cool, they’re gliding backwards but facing forwards. Implementing this into our rock creates the same illusion.
  • For practicing, what’s some of your favorite methods of implementing new moves?"
    A few things come to mind: A. When trying to learn a new move of course it helps to slow it down and break it up into smaller parts but you can’t forget that momentum is your friend in shuffling. When trying a new move, if you’re struggling, remember that you need that momentum and try your hardest to push through the confusion and pull it out. B. We always tell people “fake it til you make it” if you mess up, try your hardest to fall back on as quick as possible so maybe you can nail it on the next try. C. One of the most important parts about working in a new move is that understanding of how to get into and out of it in a freestyle so when practicing new moves we make sure to not only get down the move itself on both sides of my body, but also practice flowing into the move from a running man and out of it into a running man. (See the universal transition point video on our blog page)
  • What are some tips for being able to keep up with extremely high bpm music like hardstyle and psy trance?
    For us, we’ve found that first of all, less running man and more rock is one major key. The running man just requires so much motion and action to complete, that when you really crunch down the amount of time you have to complete it, it becomes very difficult. The rock, however can be completed with less effort, and therefore easier faster. Also, making all your motions smaller will really help. We find that when people first try high bpm shuffling, it often looks quite spastic because you’re moving so much just trying to keep up. But relaxing, and keeping everything nice and small is the key.
  • Do you offer any sort of payment plan for the one-on-one lessons?
    We would be willing to sign a contract with students who need a payment plan stating that we would accept half of your payment for the course upon signing the contract with The Shuffle Circle and the second half a minimum of 24 hours before the second half of the course begins.
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