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Just a Little More by Ludo Lacoste CHOREO

What a fun track this is and what a serious combo I accidentally made to it! LOL It's been a while and it shows in the fact that I feel like I couldn't stop creating once I begun and when that happens you have no choice but to roll with it! This is an intermediate - advanced shuffle piece leaning intermediate but it gets harder as it goes so as I say in the tutorial, you can learn part or the whole thing depending on how it's settling in. Also don't forget to try and remain creative during those three 8-counts of freestyle. Say, for example you like to flow in any other forms like tutting or gloving; you can take this time to show it off. It could be filled with the simplest of slow movements as well while you catch your breath. Just don't forget to avoid completely breaking movement and the creative/expressive mindset. Above all else have fun with this piece and as I always say, the best part may come a day or two after learning the whole thing, sleeping on it and are then hopefully feeling more comfortable using more mind space while performing for adding your own flavor to the moves as opposed to just the execution of them. Don't forget to @theshufflecircle and #theshufflecircle in your posts if you do share your performances so we can enjoy your progress alongside you and until the next time in the circle we hope everyone is remaining safe, creative and positive. One love


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