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FRIENDS!!!! We're back today with a new tutorial regarding that trusty double bounce that makes all shuffle moves look good TOGETHER, as well as our take on how to combine the end of a spin with the start of your next move. This tutorials will help you bring volume to your freestyle and will help you speed up your spins + help you transition into and out of them flawlessly. Need a new spin? Check out our mini tutorials page! Need to take a step back and refine the basics a bit more? Check out our blog post "The beginners guide to breaking in the running man and the T step". We took a break for August to enjoy the end of the Summer but we're back and we have new content on the way for all skill levels of shufflers, plus our next workshop is around the corner (link for tix on homepage)! Don't forget to tag us in your posts @theshufflecircle if you find this content helpful & we can't wait to see everyone in November under the electric sky :'D

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