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What's up familyyyyy! Tyler here aka @bgirldern & today we're focusing on one of the basics. This dance style that has created such a special place in so many of our lives revolves around the running man and the Tstep yet these days with so much inspiration on the internet and easy ways to learn, it can be easy to forget to dive deep into those moves that are the foundation of this style before moving onto other tricks. Most well known shufflers have worked hard on their running man & we hope this little routine helps those who are interested to be able to say the same about their Tstep.

SIDE NOTE: The energy in the air is HYPE AF because it's one of our favorite times of the year at The Shuffle Circle. October/November brings mine and Brigitte's birthday and the fest that she & I met at almost three years ago. This year we're celebrating all that specialness with a shuffle workshop completely unlike the rest the night before EDC Orlando featuring the instruction of not only Brigitte & myself but we'll have the infamous @Papaturnt in the building aka Bradley Tuggle dropping his super valuable knowledge on us all :'D GET TIX ON THE HOMEPAGE OF THE SITE FOR THE PREGAME OF THE WEEKEND!

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