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Texas Workshop Tour

TEXAS, y'alls shuffle scene may be younger in formation but it is THRIVING.

We had the absolute pleasure to visit both Dallas and Austin for two amazing nights of shuffles and community. Thank you for everyone who showed up and left whatever fears they may have had at the door. Even the most advanced shufflers become students as they enter our studio. We appreciate each and every one of you.

An extra thanks to a few extra helping hands who were able to gather some footage from both our Austin workshop and the post-workshop meetup that went down right after. Enjoy the following recaps:

For those of you who are local to Austin, expect classes to continue throughout the year. This workshop was our launch into the city and from what we saw, it's something y'all want more of. Dallas, y'all gave us so much love, more than we had anticipated as it was a last minute arrangement - thank you for being so hospitable, another trip up there wouldn't hurt. ;)

Combos from our Texas workshops will be uploaded shortly - as always, they're free the first 48 hours. Become a member for instant email notifications, or follow our Instagram to stay up to date on the latest and greatest ;)

P.S. Comment below with the city you'd like to see us in next!!

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Houston!! :)

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