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Shuffle Showcase set to host their first tournament ever in the US in collaboration with SOE NY

We heard Chris Mafla, who is the founder of the New York based shuffle crew Shuffle Over Everything, is hosting the very first Shuffle Showcase produced shuffle battle tournament in the US. Any shuffler on YouTube knows that Shuffle Showcase has been doing this for a while over seas so it's super exciting to see these kinds of productions make their way to the States. As a matter of fact, rumor has it that the next stop may be LA.

We reached out to Chris to get a little more information about the event and it was crystal clear in our conversation that the main goal is to bring the community together. Although it's a battle, there's that opportunity for a bit of healthy competition to inspire the dancers to come up with something new and cool together.

Chris said "We're hoping a lot of New York shufflers show up, but we ask that no crews are represented. Represent yourself so the entire community can come closer together than it has been in years." While I love the idea of crews I also respect what Chris has going here and I know Shuffle Showcase is about the same thing so I'm excited to see how it turns out.

We also spoke to one of the judges, Jordan Timmers, who is a highly respected shuffler and has contributed a lot to the community, to see what he was excited to see at this event. He said "I'm excited to travel across the country to watch shufflers take part in some healthy competition. I feel like starting more battles in the community will inspire people to further evolve and build new ways of growing our scene." Honestly, I couldn't agree more. When I picture myself in a battle which is something I've never done, I'd want to have some sick new moves to throw in order to make my performance stand out. Just thinking about a battle has me labbing in my head!

So New York Shuffles with that thirst to battle, this ones for you! September 22nd at 5 PM at the PMT Dance Studio located at 28 West 25th street in Manhattan will be the spot for you to come connect with other shufflers, show your skills and be apart of the inspiration and love that will be in the air!

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