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Let's go Dancing' CHOREO BREAKDOWN (3/22)

Updated: May 9, 2020

Hey family! On behalf of Brigitte and myself we hope you and yours and happy, healthy and making the most out of our time of social distancing. I for one am pretty hyped on all the new creativity I've seen amongst my friends and of course within The Shuffle Circle; we're over here thinking "why didn't we host an online workshop sooner?"! Our first live online class went so well and we're so thankful to everyone who plugged in and unplugged with us :'D It was so refreshing to spend a solid hour and a half with like minded friends who wanted to dance it out and I CAN'T WAIT for next Sunday. Miss Brigitte will be taking the wheel this time and sharing her free-flowing and beautiful energy with us all so I'll drop a link below where you can register to join us again guys to focus on our craft and commit to coming out of this solitude a stronger shuffler, dancer and person. <3 One love.


(choreo starts at 2:01/drop happens at 2:04)

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