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FINGERPRINT 2.0 (live online choreo 4/5)

AND WE JUST GET BETTER! Last Sunday we had our biggest and best live online workshop with over 40 students in attendance! :O We can't thank you guys enough for your support of The Shuffle Circle and we promise to continue to bring you guys fun challenges that make us worth your time. <3

TRACK WE'RE USING IS Fingerprint by Lane 8. The 8 count preceding the drop we're using starts at 3:02 and we start the choreo with the kick on 7 at 3:05. LINK FOR TRACK IS BELOW.

NEXT SUNDAY marks our 4th live online and Brigitte will be breaking down a custom intermediate-advanced piece (tix available on the homepage). IF YOU HAVE THE BASICS at a reasonably fast pace (110 bpm) you qualify for this workshop! Again, we don't expect you guys to master the pieces we break down then and there but we know that if you at least try to mark the routine (walk it thru showing memorization if not performance) it will get easier with the few days to come SO WITH THAT BEING SAID; do your best and promise yourself if nothing else that after day 1 of learning the piece you'll re try the following day as I AM GUARANTEEING it will be much easier.


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