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Fancy footwork intermediate shuffle choreography

Choreography is good for so many things. People put together dance moves differently so to take time to learn someone else choreography is to almost look at moves from a different perspective. If the choreography doesn't have any moves that are new to you, you can guarantee that it will at least have them in an order you've never tried before. After shuffling fo a while it's easy to accidentally throw really similar patterns in the same order with every freestyle. Trying a new choreo will change that for you. Trying moves in these different orders will increase your transition comfortability and your understanding of musicality. I decided on a "fancy footwork" choreo because I wanted to shed light on some of potential complex combos that make shuffling so fun to watch. If you have any thoughts please don't hesitate to share them and if you use this choreography @theshufflecircle so we can enjoy your progress with you. -Tyler

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