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C R S S D that off the bucket list 🌴

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Palm trees blowing in the breeze, ocean water hanging in the air…and most importantly, mad untz playing all around.

CRSSD, a one-stop shop for any House and Techno fan, was an absolute perfect way to kick off festival season this year. Talk about good energy! From the DJ booth to the back of the dance floor was a sea of heads bopping right around 128 bpm.

This years’ spring lineup boasted bangin’ artists like The Martinez Brothers, Pan-Pot, Rebekah, and Enrico Sangiuliano in addition to some super chill artists like Odesza, Lane 8 and Petit Biscuit.

With a techno-heavy lineup like this one, the weekend naturally invited shufflers from all corners of the nation. With representation from Side Show Shufflers, ERA Shufflers, Kool Crowd, FTS Shufflers, Shuffle Babes, Killersteeze and New Empire Shufflers, it was clear people had come out of hibernation from every coast to stretch their legs. Showcased in and out of the shuffle circles were both veterans of the scene, like Beckie Joy (@beckieeejoy) from @Girlsthatshuffle, and fresh faces like Camy (@Camillalalalalalalalala) from Boston’s shuffle community, @bosbpm.

"We all came together with one goal in mind: Dance our asses off!" - Side Show Shufflers

video feat. @Discodeedz, @Ka.adrianwhoody562 & @Eldoriang, @Mytimeashine

video feat. @edamamii_ & @will.cruzalta

In fact, this CRSSD fest probably had one of the biggest Texas turnouts in a while; appearances were made by @Will.cruzalta, @Edamamii_, @Kittyxmeows, @The_only_london, @Fakegingy_, @Jessicakillzz_, and @Indijienous to name a few.

The Boston, Arizona and DMV shuffle communities didn't hold back either, bringing handfuls of new faces and dance moves out to play on the west coast. ⚡️🤘🏼Let's just say California know's how to party! Simply watch this hype compilation put together by Side Show Shufflers:

Not to mention, if you're into fest merch, CRSSD probably offers some of the coolest, most techno-approved festival merchandise you can lay our hands on. Prime example, the embroidered bomber jackets pictured below:

HousexTechno Bomber Jacket
feat. @nes.briggidy and @the_only_london

Craving some music from this fest??

We've got you hooked up with a couple CRSSD live sets streamed by Mixmag:

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