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Beginners Guide to Breaking in the Running Man and Tstep

Everyone knows the key to memorization and implementation is repetition and that's been my mind set when teaching shuffling since day one. I teach a concept and then I turn it into a quick and easy routine so my students can force themselves to repeat it as many times in a row as it takes to feel right and that's what I've done here with the running man and the Tstep. I've also always said that these two moves are the ones that will continue to evolve throughout the length of your shuffle journey so it's important to start working on them now. No matter what the style of footwork be it cutting shapes, Melbourne shuffling, Miami stepping or whatever in between, they all have the running man and Tstep so start learning them now so they can evolve sooner!

I put these into three videos so that they're more easily scrolled through and so if you already feel a little comfortable with the running man and the T you can consider starting with the second one to see how it treats you. All the videos contain good bits of information though so if you have the 15 minutes I'd recommend watching them all in consecutive order.

Love - Ty





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