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An intermediate/advanced shuffle choreography tutorial focused on musicality

Hey squad! Hope you guys are enjoying your Sunday, I certainly am as I am extremely stoked to bring you our second shuffle choreo tutorial. This one is a little longer but if you bare with me I promise, she presents a good challenge. This was a great learning experience for me as I had to sit down and really listen a track deeper than I maybe ever had, and count it out. In doing this, I understood the patterns and intentions the dj had behind each moment in the track better than ever before and this is one of the many beauties of creating choreography. I have fun performing this one so I know you will too if you give this one a go. Remember once it's memorized, try performing each 8-count separately to the beat if you're having a hard time keeping up. Clean up each 8-count individually and count it out out-loud if necessary. I can't stress enough how much counting helps because the brain starts to remember what moves you're supposed to be throwing on which counts and calling the counts will help you actually stay throwing the correct move on the correct beat. Also remember to sleep on it! There's secret dance magic that happens when you sleep on a new move or choreography and it's always easier the next day. Once you have the choreo try mixing little bits of it into your freestyles here and there and allow it to bring versatility to your usual flow. If you like this one let us know here or @thehshufflecircle on IG. Wishing you guys happy shuffles. One love. #theshufflecircle

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Truthman Palmer
Truthman Palmer
10 de nov. de 2018

You are such a pro I wish I still had that video you sent me to show you so how far you come super smooth MOVES and your demonstrations are perfect KEEP up the good work @mr_shapes1

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